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Open Book Landscapes: Working With Real Paper

Making photographs has been a way of recording the open attentiveness I feel in the woodlands, surrounded by natural cycles of life and death, and an opportunity to work with one of my favorite materials, paper. These prints are made on Arches Text, a delicate cotton fine art paper with beautiful surface fibers, not covered up by an inkjet coating, and so absorbing directly the pigment inks. These papers do require special attention in the digital printing process.
The prints have been folded and sewn to a backing board, much like book signatures are sewn into bindings. I do this because it calls attention to the actual paper, and because there is something mysterious and exciting about opening a book, somehow re-enforcing the feelings I already have about entering the woods. The paper size ranges from 18 inches to 36 inches, and is larger than it's backing board. These pieces hang on the wall as hybrid photograph/sculpture.

Refuge, a body of work expanding
from these, can be seen at
Inquiry Art Gallery















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