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Edward Fausty Studio: Wide-format Digital Inkjet Printing and Related Services

            Tim Daly, View from the Witpenn Bridge, giclee from acrylic on canvas


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In digital inkjet or giclee printing, digital information is sent from a computer to a printer that plots the image bit by bit, spitting tiny ink droplets onto a sheet or roll of paper as it passes along. The first of these plotters were primitive, rendering only lines and other simple shapes for displays such as graphs and charts. Modern machines, like my Epson 9900, can print delicate and subtle high resolution images matching or even surpassing traditional photography. Add to that the ability to print anything brought together on the computer screen on a variety of beautiful media (fine art papers, fabric, metal), and you have a formidable printing tool. The 9900 uses water-based archival pigments and can print on porous and prepared non-porous surfaces.

My clients work with me because they feel more comfortable working 1 on 1 rather than getting in line at the reception desk and the cashier's desk. Although my business model is perhaps not the most efficient, it nevertheless satisfies me and my clients because we emphasize a quality exchange and a careful interpretation of their imagery. We spend time working it out.

And what I offer is not simply reproduction but collaboration. Whether an expanded etching or a digital collage made from drawings, photographs, paintings, prints and other graphics combined, the goal is a brand new piece of artwork that did not exist before. Photoshop becomes a true printmaking tool. I even on occasion make multiple impressions, where the paper is printed multiple times. This creates a denser ink layer and a more physical looking print.

Of course, there is often the need for faithful reproduction. An artist may want to sell his original but retain a memento or a lower priced version for future sale. Or a museum might want to acquire the original. In these cases, artists are able to have their cake and eat it, so to speak. With the right choice of paper/media and attention to the image, a reproduction can do justice to it's parent image. On occasion, clients (such as Bruce Waldman) have declared that they prefer the copy to the original.

Edward Fausty


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