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Open Book Landscapes:
plain paper printing and sewing



Next Frontier 3:
the Land and the Night Sky

in the darkness of Utah and Nevada











Next Frontier 2:
the Land and the Night Sky

 Additional, more recent images from the series, exploring ever darker environments.







Next Frontier:
the Land and the Night Sky

The stars and night sky as seen from a variety of vantage points; these are digital pigment prints on 30" Moab Entrada natural rag paper.











Nature in the Round

The fisheye lens is used by few and sparingly, and rightfully so. In this instance it serves a larger purpose.









(Many) Worlds:

A handmade limited edition artist's book drawn from a large database of Worlds images


A Fragile Utopia:

studios and spaces at the
111 first street artists community


A tribute in pictures to a little civilization that flourished for a time and faded away. The photographs began in 2001 and continued into spring of 2005. These are printed on beautiful arches cover paper in 42" and 23" sizes.




Cape Dunes and Norway Mountains


The 8x10 view camera can allow a photographer to preserve views with great subtlety of light, tone and detail, provided he or she has the stamina and patience to carry 60 lbs. of equipment and wait for even the slightest of breezes to stop before making the picture. These dune pictures were the fruit of repeated visits from 2001 thru  2003. They are 42" prints on uncoated Arches cover paper. 


Moving Mountains

The mountains of southern china as seen from a speeding taxi. These are printed on Arches text weight paper, reminiscent of the paper used in traditional chinese paintings.







My very first digital printing project, the Rootnegs are scanned gooey Polaroid negatives of plant cuttings printed on scrolls of Shiramine paper.




Camera Vision


This group of pictures directly explores my own feelings. Although they are made with a camera and are photographs in every way, they function as abstractions, as objects of meditation, elemental thought. They are an externalized version of the Going Back series below, and also first printed as small duotone collotypes.

These prints are 42.5"  digital pigment, bleed printed over the deckled edge of the arches cover paper.




Going Back


These are 4"x5" duotone collotype photomechanical prints. They concern themselves with my own beginnings, my transition from non--existence to existence. They are self-portraits made on  polaroid positive/negative black and white film.

Collotypes: 1993-4, digital prints: 2003
















The Harsimus Stem Embankment   

A few morning views around Jersey City's embattled railroad embankment, which could be opened to the public as a pedestrian park as was the Highline in Manhattan.

digital pigment prints: 2011
















































































































































 Edward Fausty: Works